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TodaysTryout is a series of articles in which you can read reviews about UX-related softwares and tools. Each product is tested for one day and the reviews collect the main aspects and impressions of use.

Today I will give a brief insight into Pose. Pose is a web app for creating human postures from presets. You make a pose, export the image and finish the work in any illustrator software. You can read my opinion below, or you can try it here.

Is it free?

No, but you can find some discount possibilities. I’ve got 50% off on Black Friday, but there are also some youtubers who offer reduced fare for buying Pose via their sponsor links.

When is it useful?

You may find Pose advantageous if you need to create plenty character drawings (save time big time) or if you are not really familiar with human anatomy but you would like to produce some drawings from time to time.

What I liked

  • You can create nice figures without drawing skills. You have to make outlines and coloring in a second software, but it’s still a big help. If you are able to use pen tool and brush in any illustrator app you’re good to go. Professionals’ drawings always will be better, that’s why they professionals. Even so it’s great that even I can make something not-so-terrible with assistant softwares like this.
  • 30 great preset positions which can be edited part by part
  • Different body types and heights
  • Several hand positions
  • Saves a lot of time
Cool hand positions

What I did not like

  • Controls. Controls are a little counter-intuitive for me, but it’s not bad after you’ve got the hang of it.
  • “Flip horizontal”. If you use this feature and flip your figurine horizontally, you’ll lose control of the bodyparts — you can not adjust the doll at all. With this, the flip has not much sense.
Flipping the doll blocks adjustment options : (
  • Angle (=rotate). The deadwood “flip horizontal” function could be bypassed by the rotate function if it would allow 360° rotation, but unfortunately angle can be set only between 0°-128°. The preset poses are facing to the left so basically you can not create a character fully facing to the right or standing with her back to the camera.
  • Angle, again. Rotating the doll often results in twisted, unrealistic positions since the application can’t handle the 2D bodyparts exactly as a 3D model should work. It makes impossible to create certain compositions, however, many options remain to choose from.
Rotation resulting in a twisted pose


Although I have listed a few disadvantages I like the app, I am glad I bought it and I will definetely use it. You need to know that Pose isn’t almighty, it produces ridiculous effects sometimes, but it’s still very useful if you need assistance in drawing a human body. Pose fulfills it’s promise and purpose fully: simple web app for character guidelines. For this, I think it’s a great app on the market.

Hi there! I hope I see you again here